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three cooks one kitchen: grilled cheese on the grill

It’s time for another delicious edition of Three Cooks One Kitchen, and it’s one you don’t want to miss!

three cooks one kitchen grilled cheese on the grill
We all have had grilled cheese, right? But have you had GRILLED cheese – I mean grilled cheese prepared on a grill. We hadn’t, so we decided to have some fun during this month’s 3C1K and give it a try. Plus, it was a good excuse to break out the grill for one more month!

grilled cheese on the grill
We each brought our own ingredients and did it “build your own sandwich” style. Everybody ended up with something totally different but equally tasty. I made two (hey, they were small) using different types of bread. My first was on french and Erin was kind enough to let me borrow some pretzel bread (yum).

grilled cheese on the grill
The first thing I did was to butter BOTH sides. Then with the grill on medium/low, I placed all of the bread out on the grill with no toppings. I grilled one side until grill marks appeared and they were nice and crispy. Then I flipped the bread and loaded up the toppings for my sandwich.

grilled cheese on the grill
I used a combination of cheddar and provolone cheese along with bacon (pre-cooked of course) and avocado. I put the cheese on first and let it get REALLY melty before adding the rest.

grilled cheese on the grill
Using the grill definitely took longer than my usual frying pan method, but I love the flavor it added. It’s a little dangerous for someone like me to has no patience, but certainly worth it!

grilled cheese on the grill
My sandwiches got a little overdone thanks to some pesky dripping cheese that sparked a flame, but nothing that couldn’t be salvaged. But definitely keep an eye out while cooking – these babies go from not done to OVERdone quickly!

grilled cheese on the grill
I definitely recommend visiting Hannah and Erin’s blogs to see their creations – totally drool-worthy and a bit healthier than mine ;)

Hannah’s Vegan Grilled Cheese
Erin’s Garden Fresh Grilled Cheese

grilled cheese on the grill
Once again, I had a blast with these ladies! And it was SO fun to try something new! We have something special planned for October already, and I know you’re going to love it :)

Your turn:

Have you ever grilled a grilled cheese?
What would you put on your sandwich?

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