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three cooks one kitchen: grilled potato planks

This edition of Three Cooks One Kitchen is a new summertime favorite of mine! The three of us are always discussing food (mostly via Facebook chat), but I had never heard of grilled potato planks until Hannah sent over the idea. We immediately knew this would be a GREAT recipe to try during our day on the lake!

three cooks one kitchen grilled potato planks
The potato plank itself is pretty basic – the toppings are where the real fun is at! We divided up an array of toppings to bring and each ended up with a personalized creation!

Ready to get started? I promise it’s easy…

grilled potato planks
Grab some freshly rinsed russet potatoes and slice them into long strips about 1/2 inch thick (for my teacher friends out there: the hotdog way, not the hamburger). Coat both sides with olive oil and sprinkle with garlic salt.

grilled potato planks
Place your planks directly on the grill grate at medium heat. Close lid….

grilled potato planks
…and flip!

grilled potato planks
But don’t wait too long or you’ll have some “extra crispy” (ok, charred) potatoes on your hands. I swear we only turned our backs for a minute! ;)

grilled potato planks
It should only take 4 minutes per side (8 total). And voila – a perfectly grilled potato ready to be loaded with delicious toppings! I kept mine pretty basic with broccoli, shredded cheese and chives. It was AMAZING!

grilled potato planks
Erin topped her planks with a quinoa salad, chives, and grilled onions. Again, yum!

grilled potato planks
I don’t have a photo of Hannah’s personalized plank, so you’ll have to head over to her blog to check it out!

These girls might convert me to a vegetarian yet. Actually, who am I kidding? We all see that chicken on my plate ;)

This is definitely a recipe we’ll be trying again. It’s a perfect backyard party food and gives everybody the opportunity to create just the kind of loaded potato they’ll love!

See what’s cookin’ on Erin and Hannah’s blogs:

Erin @Her Heartland Soul
Hannah @Clean Eating Veggie Girl

Your turn:

What would you toppings would you put on your potato plank?
Ever had an epic grill mishap? Luckily we only had a few potato casualties this time around :)

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