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overcoming GYMtimidation

Since Jeff and I joined a gym back in June, I’ve really struggled with getting myself out the door and into the gym. I could blame the fact that I’m busy with Eleanor. Or I could even tell you that postpartum healing was difficult.

But this isn’t new for me, and I know exactly what’s causing the problem:


The feeling that I’m not in good enough shape to be there
The feeling that I have no clue what I’m doing
The feeling that I’m in someone else’s way
But most of all, the feeling that the people around me belong there more than I do

Silly or not, my intimidation by the gym has created quite the mental hurdle!

As I was writing this post I asked myself “why?” Why do I care what anybody else thinks? Why do I care if I’m the slowest on the treadmill? Why do I care if I’m lifting the lightest weights? Why don’t I deserve to do what I want, where I want, when I want?

And I couldn’t think of a good reason.

overcoming gymtimidation
So what’s my plan to overcome gymtimidation? Fake it til I make it. No, I don’t feel 100% comfortable in the gym, but that’s not ever going to change if I don’t even get inside the door. All I can do is try, continue to improve, and most importantly – gain the confidence to just do my own thing!

Your turn:

Can you relate to feelings to gymtimidation?
Any suggestions for overcoming it?


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