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happy blogidays!

This past weekend Jeff and I hosted a few of the Omaha bloggers for a Happy “Blog-idays” holiday party! It was great to get to know this group of women better and have some fun (and lots of food) in the process.

Getting our house ready was a little hectic – we had family photos scheduled at noon and our sink/dishwasher decided to leak into our basement that morning (yuck!), but everything came together.

Speaking of family photos… how cute do Eleanor and Ruby pup look in front of our tree? Thanks Kitty for another great session!

baby's first christmas

Each of our guests was asked to bring a dessert or appetizer to share, and we ended up with an amazing spread! For our part, we provided an assortment of Christmas cookies like peanut butter blossoms, almond bark pretzels, and the egg nog star cookies I shared on yesterday’s post.

I also tried a vegan no bake cookie that was really good! And because no party of mine is complete without cupcakes, I whipped up some red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting!

blogger holiday party

Beyond the sweets, I assembled my 1st ever cheese plate. I had no idea what I was doing, but I received some great guidance at Whole Foods. I ended up with cheddar, gouda and brie. I split the brie in two sections and poured pesto on one half and a fig spread on another – both were amazing!

My other more savory dish was a tapenade served with baguette slices. It was SO good! Olives aren’t normally my thing, but I loved this spread! It was incredibly easy to make too (which is always a bonus).

blogger holiday party

There were some kiddos who joined the festivities, so I set up a cookie decorating station in the basement. The adults got in on the fun because let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy sugar cookies and frosting?! ;)

As you can see, I may have gone overboard with the number of cookie cutouts, so if anybody wants to come help me frost, my door is open!

blogger holiday party

There were plenty of treats to spare, so everybody was able to take an assortment of goodies home! I’m so thankful for the Omaha bloggers group. It has made our move back to Nebraska so much fun by having a network to jump into!

Your turn:

Are you hosting or attending any holiday parties this season?
What’s your “go to” dish?


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