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the hilliest 10k EVER

In-between 4th of July celebrating, Jeff and I found time on Saturday morning to run our second 10k race. I was hoping to improve my time from the corNfield corNfield, so I was excited that I had another opportunity to try again so soon! The Indie Run was organized by the Benson Ames Alliance and proceeds of the event were benefiting the neighborhood parks. I love it when my entry fee goes to something positive for the community!

The morning started off with torrential rain, but everything cleared up by the 8 am start. However, the power was out in downtown Benson, so the event staff had a bit of last minute scrambling to do. For being 1st time race organizers, they did great!

indie run omaha
Now, the course. Ugh. The event website said that the course boasted “a COUPLE of memorable hills.” Okay, I can deal with that. A couple means two, right? And yeah, “memorable” probably means they’re monstrous, but still, I can run a few giant hills over the course of 6 miles.

Umm…. no. The ENTIRE course was hills. It was the steepest up and down course I have ever encountered. Every time I got to the top of a new hill, I saw another one looming ahead of it. I was pretty frustrated the first half of the race, but then it just got comical. Jeff and I knew our time wouldn’t be improving, so we just laughed at each upcoming hill and hustled up the best we could. (This is why it’s so important for me to have a race partner, haha.)

There was one small stretch of the course that was on a trail through a park that was pretty flat – here’s some photographic evidence:

indie run omaha
It was definitely my toughest race to date. My legs burned and I was a sweaty mess, but I knew that I could push through and make it! When I saw I added 2 minutes to my previous 10k time, I didn’t even care. I was just SO happy to be crossing the finish line!

indie run omaha
The shops and restaurants along main street Benson had some pretty great deals for the race finishers. I snagged a free iced coffee and salted caramel pretzel bite from Aromas – I think it was well deserved ;)

Now that I’ve been increasing my running milage, my hips and knees have been pretty sore. I finally redeemed a Groupon for a local yoga studio, and it was the BEST decision ever! It felt great to get completely stretched out. It’s a 10 class pass, so it will definitely be getting good use in the coming weeks!

liv yoga bellevue
Your turn:

What’s the hardest race/route you’ve ever done?
Have you ever taken a yoga class? What did you think?

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