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holiday wind down

As of yesterday afternoon we are officially through with Christmas 2013! We are blessed to have so many groups of friends and family to celebrate with, but I’m ready to bring on 2014!

holiday wind down

This weekend I got our tree taken down and put together a new play area for Eleanor. We’re currently using a cedar chest from my grandfather as a toy box, but I want to find something a little more child friendly before long. (Any recommendations are welcome!)

Eleanor has had a great time exploring her new toys and practicing sitting up. I can’t believe how much progress she’s made in the past week!

holiday wind down

Nebraska enjoyed some unseasonably warm weather on Saturday, so our family headed out to the outlet mall. I scored some major deals on baby clothes at Carters and bought 18 month sizes for Eleanor to wear next year. I couldn’t pass up 80% off, but here’s hoping I remember where I stored it by next year :)

holiday wind down

And to celebrate 60°, we stopped for frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf – totally worth it!

holiday wind down

Eleanor on the other hand gobbled up some sweet potato. We tried it just mixed with breast milk, but she seems to prefer it with some cereal added in too. I think the flavor may have just been too strong at this point. She’s becoming such a good eater though!

holiday wind down

Yesterday we road tripped to Jeff’s grandparents’ home. I have been trying to transition to sitting in the front seat of the car and Eleanor has adjusted fairly well. She needs some help settling down, so I give her my hand to press against her face. It’s just enough comfort to get her to fall asleep and then we’re golden :)

I’m linking up with Healthy Diva because our post-Christmas weekend was just marvelous! It’s nice to be back in a bit of a routine!


Congrats to the winner of our Pampers giveaway Teresa Thompson! Please email me your mailing address to joanna@makingmine.com!

Your turn:

How are you winding down from the holidays?
Any big plans for the New Year?


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