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home for the holidays

Today J and I are in the process of wrapping up loose ends at home and preparing for the trek back home (Iowa and Nebraska) for the holidays. There are still sewing projects to be finished, gifts to be wrapped and treats to bake, but we took a slow morning for ourselves. We dropped Ruby off for a (much needed) grooming and settled in to get some work done at Panera. Nothing motivates me quite like a cinnamon roll the size of my face :)

Even with a “to-do” list a mile long, it was nice to slow down and spend some time with J. The holidays can get crazy, so I’m glad we took one last opportunity to hang out just the two of us before we’re (happily) surrounded by our families.

In other news, the giant snowstorm that was due to hit Milwaukee was utterly underwhelming. Not one flake fell overnight. We’ve had constant rain, but with temps around 39°, it’s not looking like we’ll see snow anytime soon. Here’s hoping that the freeze doesn’t hit tomorrow when we start our drive home!

Ruby’s hair appointment took  just about as long as my cut and color does, but you have to admit, she looks pretty darn cute…

westie puppy under christmas tree

Well, my “to-do” list is staring me down, so I guess I’d better get to work. Hope you all stay warm and dry and find some time to slow down before the hectic holidays hit us full-force!


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