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hometown fun

Jeff and I spent the past week back in Iowa at my parents’ house. I’ve been a little quiet since I’ve been spending my time enjoying my 2 beautiful nieces. My sister and her family headed off on the rest of their midwest adventure, so we’re settling in back home in Omaha. The house seems so quiet with only 1 baby :)

Words can’t describe just how great the past week was – my family means the world to me, and Nora is so lucky to have them in her life! Here are a few highlights from our marvelous week:

1. The babies had several matching outfits throughout the week courtesy of Grandma. With diaper leaks and spit ups, it was harder than you’d think to catch both girls in their onesies at the same time, but we managed to get photos a couple of times!

hometown fun

2. We the cousins had many visitors throughout the week – Nora got to meet her great grandmother, great aunt & uncle, multiple neighbors, family friends, and even my daycare provider when I was just a baby. It was great to introduce Nora to so many people who mean so much to me!

hometown fun

3. Our visit home happened to coincide with Audubon’s annual T-Bone days celebration, so our trip wouldn’t have been complete without a trip to Albert the Bull (yep – we are home to a 45 ton bull!)!

hometown fun

4. I caught the baking bug toward the end of the week and convinced my sister to bake Hiphugger bars with me. Growing up Rachel made them for 4-H one year, and our family has been hooked ever since! We even got some help from Mahala who was more than happy to lick the extra chocolate off the spoon! The final product was delicious and totally satisfied my sweet tooth! (Here’s hoping they don’t live up to their name and stick to my hips!)

hometown fun

5. We capped off the weekend with a family wedding. Jeff’s cousin was a gorgeous bride and Nora enjoyed her first wedding ceremony and reception. Finding a dress from my closet to fit was a bit of a challenge, but after about 20 wardrobe changes I was able to find one option that fit and was nursing friendly!

hometown fun

In other news, I attended an awesome webinar on sugar last week put on by Mommy Run Fast. I’m kicking off a 7 day sugar detox today, so wish me luck! (You might also want to send Jeff well wishes since he’ll be living with a potentially volatile wife as she abstains from sugar!) I’ll give you a recap of the webinar and update you on my progress later this week!

Your turn:

One of my favorite things to do with family is bake – what do you do when you get together with family?
Do you have any special recipes that you always make?


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