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looking back: how Mommy Fitness transformed my birth experience

Thank you to Mommy Fitness for providing me a membership throughout my pregnancy and postpartum journey

Now that I’m over a month out from Everly’s birth, I feel like I can take a good look at the postpartum differences between baby #1 and baby #2. So much has been different this time around and ALL of it has been for the better!

Besides simply being a second time mom, I know with 100% certainty that my work with Mommy Fitness made a huge difference! If you followed along my pregnancy, you know that I worked out at Mommy Fitness at least twice a week all the way until the day before I delivered.

And I just want to make it clear that this isn’t a post about baby weight or my post-baby body. Here are a few items to note before we get started:

  • I gained the same amount of weight both pregnancies
  • Both girls were posterior (backwards)
  • I labored quickly with both girls
  • I pushed between 10 and 20 minutes with both girls
  • Everly (baby #2) was almost 1 pound bigger than Eleanor (baby #1)

Over our 6 months working together, Mommy Fitness focused on the specific needs of me as pregnant woman – in mind, body and soul! We were training toward one goal – a healthy mama and baby! And because of this careful preparation, my birth experience was completely transformed.

Here’s a look at a few of the ways labor & delivery and postpartum healing have differed between baby #1 and baby #2:


All of those Cardio & Strength classes and Prenatal Yoga sessions were preparing my body for the specific demands of labor. Because my body was better prepared to carry and birth this baby, it endured less trauma. I had less pain, less bleeding, and less overall healing to do.

And beyond the physical aspect, the mental and emotional preparations were HUGE. Labor is hormone driven, and by utilizing the relaxation techniques I learned at Mommy Fitness, my labor didn’t stall out this time and I had better pain management.

This point is SO important to me: Because my labor stalled with baby #1, they wouldn’t give me an epidural. I opted for some IV meds that left me totally loopy. I don’t really remember Eleanor’s birth – it’s all a bit cloudy. I went into a bit of a depression postpartum because I couldn’t believe it was over – I felt like I had missed my own daughter’s birth. This time around, labor and delivery are crystal clear. I am so thankful to fully grasp the first moment I laid eyes on Everly and held her to my chest.

Do I still have a “mommy tummy?” Yep.
Did I get more stretch marks? You bet.
Am I in tip top shape? Heck no!
But I am strong, healthy, active, and able to fully enjoy my tiny little miracle! 

If you’re in Omaha and looking for prenatal or postpartum help, I highly recommend looking into Mommy Fitness! For those of you not in the area, do some research – I bet there are wonderful resources near you!

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