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hung for the holidays: ornament swap

I’ve never participated in a blog swap like this, but when I read about the Hung for the Holidays Ornament Exchange, I just had to put my name in! The idea is simple, everyone gets a name, finds out a little about their recipient and picks out an ornament perfectly suited for their tree :)

I completely spaced on taking photos of the ornament I bought for Kim over at Barking Mad about Running, but she’s got a post up about her experience as well, so I definitely encourage you to go check it out!

Maureen from Running on Cabernet (love that name, by the way) was my gifter and she did an AMAZING job! I told her the highlight of every holiday is baking with my mom and sister, so she picked out this adorable baking ornament. Take a look:


It’s definitely a fitting addition to our Christmas tree! This was such a fun experience to spread some Christmas joy and find a few new blogs to follow along the way!

What ornament do you think best describes you?


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