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I moved!

Hi! Welcome to my new home. As much as I liked Tumblr, it just didn’t provide the right platform for doing the customization I wanted. Since then, J and I have been busy figuring out a new home for MakingMine, and here’s our result! I love it!

I seriously could not have made the move without J. I told him my dream, showed him my inspiration, and he made it come to life. I knew I made a good choice saying “yes” to this guy ;)

Anyways, take a look around and let me know what you think. Just like any move, I’m still getting settled in and making adjustments. All of my old Tumblr posts have been transferred over (whew, that was quite a tedious process), so feel free to look back at some of the past highlights. I can’t wait to leverage this new platform to keep sharing my journey with you! Don’t forget to add my new address to your favorites!

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