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I went shopping today with the best intentions. And we all know how that turns out… here’s what went down:

I mentioned awhile ago that I wanted to find an alternative to plastic baggies for food storage. Since then, I’ve pinned all sorts of goodies that I *thought* would be the perfect solution. I narrowed it down to one particular craft template that used oil cloth to create sandwich bags. I made my list, printed my coupons and headed out to purchase the supplies I needed. All the while thinking, “Wow, I’m so smart, savvy and eco-conscious. This is going to save us so much money in the long run. Why don’t more people do this?” Ha.

I get to the section of the store with the oil cloth and see a warning listed on a nearby bolt of material: “The state of California recognizes this product as hazardous and may cause birth defects.”

Wait, what? I thought I was being a genius and duping what modern convenience had convinced me to believe. It was on Martha Stewart for goodness sakes! I decided to use my phone to do a quick google search on the safety of using oil cloth for food storage. It took all of 5 seconds to get a firm answer on that question: NO! It is NOT safe for food storage.

Cool. Needless to say I scared myself into leaving the store empty-handed. Since then I’ve done amore extensive search on what options truly exist for the everyday consumer to make their own leakproof food storage. There doesn’t seem to be one, general consensus on a truly perfect product on the market. I did, however, find a couple of vendors who sell pre-made reusable bags. I’ll probably end up purchasing from LunchSkins or snackTAXI.

It wasn’t a total loss – I ended up learning a lot from this experience and will never leave the house without doing my research again!

Am I over thinking this? Do you have any suggestions on materials that I can use to create a comparable item myself?

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