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i’m back!

Hello and happy Monday!

As you may have realized, it has been a loooooooong time since I posted here on Makingmine. Life has been crazy and unfortunately the blog world hasn’t made the cut on my lengthy “to do” lists. I’ve genuinely missed writing posts, reading your comments and catching up with some of my favorite blogs to follow.

The Omaha bloggers had a meet-up this weekend at Stories Coffeehouse and it helped re-energize me to get posting again!

omaha bloggers

Why so busy?

Little Miss Eleanor had another bought of tummy troubles. This really shook me since I was just sure we had it all figured out. I am continuing to learn that nothing happens on “my time” as a mother. It looks like we can add beef to Eleanor’s list of intolerances. Since adjusting her diet once again, she’s bounced back better than ever!

We have a follow-up with her GI today, so if you have an extra prayer, please send it her way!

Student teaching is taking over my life! I love my kindergarteners and really put my heart into my lessons each week. That of course means I’m spending a ton of time planning and preparing each week (and weekend). Kindergarten is such a special year and I want to do my part to make it one my students will never forget.

I fall into bed exhausted, and yes, I do have a mental countdown of how many days I have left. The warmer weather is making me anxious for summer, but, I know I’ll really miss school when it’s over.

That about sums up where my time and energy is focused lately.

Jeff and I had a really nice weekend and I felt like we actually got to “catch-up” for the first time in forever. It’s crazy how you can live with someone and feel like you don’t really “see” them for weeks! I heard about what’s new with his job, we made plans on how to spend summer vacation, and prioritized our list of house projects for spring! Definitely need to carve out more time for us!


I’m going to do my very best to post more regularly. I have some really exciting things coming down the pipeline for Makingmine! I can’t wait to continue sharing with you! :)


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