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try it tuesday: InfinityMOM Nursing Scarf {+ giveaway closed}

I’m so excited to share today’s Try it Tuesday – I finally found an awesome solution for nursing while out and about and have a great giveaway for you!

Since Eleanor was born in June, breastfeeding has been a major part of my life. Together she and I have had many ups and downs as we figured out what works best for us. One of the most daunting aspects of breastfeeding has been dealing with feedings in public.

I have 2 nursing capes that I’ve used periodically, but I always felt like their bib style drew more attention to the situation. The more natural I am about feeding, the less anybody even notices what is going on. But there is NOTHING natural about traditional nursing covers – they’re hot for mom and baby, cumbersome to get on, and don’t allow for easy viewing of the baby. Plus, their bold colors and crazy prints are anything but stylish and like a great big flashing beacon that says, “HEY YOU! GUESS WHAT?! I’M BREASTFEEDING!”

Kaite Johnson from InfinityMOM thought of a great solution – a nursing scarf. It’s like any other stylish infinity scarf you might wear, but when you unfold it, it’s wide enough to provide coverage while nursing. You simply unloop the scarf, drape it over the shoulder of the side you plan to nurse on, situate baby, and violà! Nobody is any the wiser! Since it loops around your entire body, it covers your front, side and back (which is essential if you ever plan on wearing a non-nursing top again)! You can see just how easy it is in Kaite’s video:

These cooler fall days have been a perfect excuse to wear a cute scarf. I tried mine out at a family event this past weekend, and it worked great! It was so nice not to have to rummage around my diaper bag to find a nursing cover – especially since Eleanor’s not the most patient little girl when she’s hungry :)

infinityMOM nursing scarf

InfinityMOM has a whole new set of fall / winter patterns and colors that will be up on their Amazon shop early next week. In the meantime, Kaite was kind enough to provide an adorable orange chevron InfinityMOM scarf for one very lucky Makingmine reader!

Win it before you can buy it! To enter to win a FREE InfinityMOM Nursing Scarf simply:

Leave a comment about what your looking forward to most this fall
For extra entries:
Like InfinityMOM on Facebook (leave separate comment stating you’ve “liked”)
Like Makingmine on Facebook (leave separate comment stating you’ve “liked”)

**Make sure to leave at least your first name and last initial when you comment so I can identify the winner! The contest will be open until Sunday, October 6th at 11:59pm. I’ll announce the winner on Monday’s post! Open to US residents only.

Not a nursing mom? No problem! It would make a unique gift for an expecting/new mom, you could save it for use with a future baby, OR… it’s just a cute scarf to wear any old time :)

Disclaimer: InfinityMOM kindly provided me a scarf to try out myself as well as one to give away! I hope the winner finds it just as awesome as I do :)


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