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Insanity Week 1- Check!

Well, week 1 of Insanity is over and I SURVIVED!

My body has adjusted to this new exercise regimen, and I no longer wake up too sore to move – yay! J and I did our last couple of workouts together. I really like having him there to push me. I find myself taking fewer non-sanctioned water breaks and pushing through to the end of each interval.

Saturday is our weekly rest day which didn’t exactly happen for me. I totally fell off the healthy eating bandwagon – we’re talking mac and cheese, Dr. Pepper, AND ice cream. So… I felt like I had to sweat it out at the gym to make up for my binge. Turns out the gym isn’t a Saturday night hot spot, so I pretty much had the cardio room to myself. It was really peaceful and I felt much better afterwards. I definitely want to keep my rest day restful next week though!

In other news, we’ve started using heart rate monitors to make sure that we’re falling into the right range during each interval. I found a good, affordable Timex option on Amazon (hooray for Prime shipping!). The only frustrating part is that even on the smallest setting, the chest strap is a little loose on me. If I get any smaller (which I hope I do), it’s going to be falling off. I might have to cut apart the elastic band and sew it a bit smaller.

It’s really interesting to recall different stats from our workouts – time, average heart rate, time in target range, calories burned, etc. It’s also nice to be able to look at my heart rate at any point during the workout to see if I’m pushing hard enough and adjust accordingly.

We’re 1 day into week 2. Everything is a repeat of last week, so I have a good foundation of the different moves each day (no excuse not to go hard). I have also been better about getting Insanity done before 9:00pm which makes it a MUCH more enjoyable experience. I’ll keep you updated on the ups and inevitable downs of Insanity week 2! Wish me luck :)

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