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Introducing the newest Murnan: Ruby Pup!

Anyone who follows my instagram account has already been inundated with photos of our delightful little pup, but for the rest of you…. meet Ruby!

westie puppy

Ruby joined our family on September 7. After months of searching for a Westie breeder, J finally found a lead near Chicago. The breeder had two female pups who were ready to be placed in a home. He found the listing around 3:00pm and we were in the car to go meet the pups by 5:00pm. The minute I held her in my arms, J knew we weren’t walking out of there without her. She was so spunky and sweet- not to mention absolutely ADORABLE – just what we were looking for!

westie puppy

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of walks, potty breaks (and accidents) and play! We started obedience school last Sunday, and I think J and I learned more than Ruby. Wow, we have a long way to go with our little girl :)

It really has been a blast though. It’s so fun to snuggle with her and hang out playing fetch. I’ve always imagined a dog being part of my family and Ruby has truly become an essential member of our little fam. Be ready for more pictures and posts about this little cutie because yes, I’ve become one of those people :)

westie puppy

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