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iowa state fair 2014

Growing up in Iowa meant no summer was complete without a visit to the State Fair. I was a 4-H kid, so state fair was a pretty big deal :)

I can’t remember the last time I was able to attend, so when Jeff and I found out that the Warrior Dash coincided with the fair, we knew we HAD to stop by! I mean, what better place to refuel after a grueling mud run? Please excuse our appearance – at this point we had only cleaned off with a sprinkler and baby wipes!

Like any good state fair goer, we started with food on a stick! I got a regular corn dog and Jeff opted for a jalapeño and cheese version. It totally hit the spot!

iowa state fair 2014
Next up we found our way to the desserts. Jeff had an A&W root beer float and I tried the deep fried Oreos. There was a HUGE line, so I knew it was hot ticket item! It ended up being worth the wait, but when it arrived I couldn’t stop laughing – I was expecting 2 Oreos, NOT 6! But don’t you worry, we managed to eat them all!

iowa state fair 2014
Without any real plans, we just followed the main loop through the fairgrounds and ran into a giant statue replica of Grant Wood’s American Gothic. They didn’t look too excited to be at the fair ;)

iowa state fair 2014

Next up we visited a few of the livestock barns and the Avenue of Breeds. It was amazing to see all of the different kinds of animals represented! I thought these five cows were extra cute – they were curled up next to each other from largest to smallest like nesting dolls.

iowa state fair 2014
As nice as it was not pushing a stroller or wrestling a toddler, there were countless times we turned to each other and said “I wish Eleanor was here.” She would have loved the music and the animals!

By chance we were able to catch the Budweiser Clydesdale parade. Those are some BEAUTIFUL horses! Their hooves are like dinner platters – absolutely HUGE! They even had the adorable Dalmatian dog riding on the wagon. It was pretty cool to see!

iowa state fair 2014
And because no trip to the fair is complete without it (and because our legs were dead tired), we took a trip on the Sky Glider!

iowa state fair 2014
I ran into a few classmates from high school – hi Erika! And had a great time people watching (seriously, there’s nowhere better). We were exhausted by 4:00, so we decided to head back home and check in on Eleanor. We made it all the way home before remembering that we had a MAJOR oversight – no butter cow! What were we thinking? I guess there’s always next year…

Your turn:

Have you ever been to the Iowa State Fair?
Do you go to your local fair?

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