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i’ve got nothin’ but love for YoBaby

**Keep reading for a great giveaway for your little sweetie!**

Get your glittery hearts ready – Valentine’s Day is upon us! Jeff and I don’t usually do too much to celebrate since we both have birthdays in February, but it’s always nice to make the ones you love feel special.

As a mom, seeing Eleanor smile lights up my world, and with my little girl, there’s no better way to make her happy than through her tummy :)

stonyfield yobaby giveaway
Stonyfield yogurt has been part of Eleanor’s day since she turned 1. She wasn’t a huge fan of switching to milk, so YoBaby yogurt was a surefire way to make sure our little Miss was getting enough calcium. Now 8 months later she’s still loving it for breakfast, snack, or anytime in-between!

stonyfield yobaby giveaway
Most of the time, we couldn’t get it in her mouth fast of enough…

stonyfield yobaby giveaway
There were often tears when it was gone…

stonyfield yobaby giveaway
But she was occasionally willing to share…

stonyfield yobaby giveaway
We discovered the squeeze pouches were perfect for “on-the-go” snacking while shopping…

stonyfield yobaby giveaway
Or taking a break by the pool…

stonyfield yobaby giveaway
And even between opening presents on Christmas morning…

stonyfield yobaby giveaway
These days, most of the yogurt ends up in Eleanor’s mouth rather than her face, and the Stonyfield love affair continues :)

stonyfield yobaby giveaway

Enter to Win!

Eleanor wants to share the love this Valentine’s Day with a fun YoBaby giveaway! Enter below for your chance to win a prize package of YoBaby swag and coupons for FREE YoBaby yogurt!

stonyfield yobaby giveaway

Stonyfield YoBaby Prize Package

YoBaby Giveaway

*This post is sponsored by Stonyfield

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