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hooray for hair (and headbands)

While pregnant, I read every blog imaginable listing all of the “things they don’t tell you about…” pregnancy, childbirth, having a newborn, and so on. Hours upon hours of reading could not have prepared me for losing my hair postpartum! So any of you soon (or someday) to be mamas, I don’t expect you to believe me, but LOSING YOUR HAIR IS CRAZY!

Around 3 months postpartum it started falling out in chunks. Yes, chunks. Our house was a mess, the shower was incredibly disturbing, and I honestly considered getting the Kate Gosselin ‘do just to avoid brushing my hair daily.

The majority of my hair fell out along my hairline and then in two major spots above each temple. Cute, right?

Now I have the joy of watching it all grow back in. It’s currently about an inch and a half long and sticks straight up no matter how I try to style it.

Enter the headband….

I ordered myself 6 headbands from Jumping Jack on Etsy after seeing their adorable wares on Instagram. They have become my saving grace to disguise my “new growth.”

Jumping Jack isn’t asking me to tell you any of this. I just think they’re insanely cool and the shop supports a very worthy cause by helping babies diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

Check them out if you’re looking for a cute new accessory (or two) for spring! :)

Your turn:

Do you have any “go to” beauty tricks?
Anybody else LOVE Etsy?
Our house is slowly becoming decorated as I find beauties I can’t live without on Etsy!


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