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kansas city adventures

As I mentioned Monday, our family took a quick trip to Kansas City over the weekend. Besides running The Color Run, we enjoyed great food and hit up a few of KC’s top spots.

Following Saturday’s 5k, we cleaned up and headed to the City Market. There were all kinds of vendors selling everything you could think of – fruits and veggies, fresh baked goods, and homemade crafts.

kansas city legoland

It was fun to explore but we quickly got hungry! At the recommendation of fellow Omaha blogger Lisa from The Walking Tourists, we decided to head to Minsky’s for some pizza. She was spot on with her suggestion – I gobbled most of my pizza up before I even had a chance to snap a photo:

kansas city eats

I had won tickets to Legoland on Lisa’s blog a few months ago, and even though 2 adults and an 11 month old isn’t the usual visitor to a place like that, we decided to check it out! I’m so glad we did because it was REALLY cool! I might have to steal my 3 year old niece just for an excuse to go back!

Legoland started with a brief tour of how Legos are made. The kiddos in our group even got some hands-on experience of their own!

kansas city legoland

The tour continued with amazing models ranging from delightfully miniature to larger than life. There were rides for the kiddos, a movie, and plenty of opportunities to create with Legos!

Jeff loved the Star Wars exhibit…

kansas city legoland

Eleanor loved the puppy (or “do” as she liked to call it)…

kansas city legoland

And she even got to do some building of her own (aka: banging blocks together) with Duplos…

kansas city legoland

We had a great time exploring Legoland, but our little lady was getting tired. With an impending nap and the weather turning for the worse, we decided to head home. But not before stopping for a treat at Murray’s Ice Cream

kansas city eats

I think I would have needed to run a marathon to burn off this brownie sundae, but it was worth it :)

Our trip to KC was short and sweet. There’s so much more we want to see! Maybe we’ll head back this fall to make another dent in our “to do” list.

Your turn:

Have you ever been to Legoland?
Where’s your favorite place to go with your kiddos? We love the Omaha Children’s Museum and the Henry Doorly Zoo!


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