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Laughing through Leg Cramps

I recently subscribed to the Pregnant Chicken calendar updates which sends weekly emails that correspond with my current week of pregnancy. Today is week 18, and when her message arrived in my inbox, I swore Pregnant Chicken was a mind reader…

Pregnant Chicken

Leg cramps? Check.

Heartburn? Check.

Excessive drainage? Check.

Attractive, huh?

I didn’t think it was possible to laugh about the searing pain of 3am leg cramps, but Pregnant Chicken has a way with words. I love her honest take on pregnancy and snarky sense of humor. If you’re pregnant and need a laugh (or just need a laugh in general), I suggest perusing her site. Good stuff.

Another favorite of mine? 10 Things Never to Say to a Pregnant Woman – both frightening and funny!

Do you have any “go to” blogs when you need a good laugh? Who do you rely on for no-nonsense information?



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