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Growing up my parents always emphasized that learning wasn’t just contained to the four walls of our school and that it shouldn’t simply stop once we graduated. There are always new concepts to explore, ideas to investigate, and skills to build – and there’s a new online tool to make it happen!

ProSky internships
At 27, I stand as a testament that learning never ends. Since graduating college in 2010, I’ve returned to school for a totally new degree and started a small business with my husband – all while getting married, buying a house, and having (soon-to-be) two kids.

The challenges of adult learning are unique, and that’s where ProSky can help. Your time is limited – in fact, your first opportunity to touch your computer might be after the kids go to bed. And finding real-world experiences is even more difficult.

ProSky is built on the concept of providing an alternative to the traditional internship experience. Conducted 100% online, they connect their trainees with influential mentors from the business world all while gaining new skills and executing projects for actual companies (aka real-life learning).

ProSky internships
Here’s how it works:

1. Enroll in one of ProSky’s 9 – 12 week online courses in an area you’d like to build practical skills and knowledge. (In my case, I’d LOVE to learn more about SEO)

2. ProSky assigns you a mentor who is a expert in the field and places you on a team with fellow trainees. Together you will execute a real-life project for a company such as Zappos, Stance Socks or LinkedIn.

3. Log-on to the ProSky system to access the top-notch curriculum, collaborate with your peers, and seek guidance from your mentor.

4. LEARN, gain applicable experience, and make a great impression on some of the most influential businesses in the country.

The convenience of ProSky makes it a great choice for learning at any age or stage – learn what you want, when you want, where you want. Check out their course offerings and get started expanding your professional skill set today!

Connect with ProSky to learn more:

ProSky on Facebook
ProSky on Twitter

Your turn:

What’s an area you’d like to learn more in?
Do you have any skills you want to build?

*This post was sponsored by Her Campus on behalf of ProSky


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