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life lately: the first 3 weeks

Hey there! Long time, no talk!

I’ve definitely missed writing here on Makingmine and keeping up with all of you, but I’ve been exactly where I need to be – with my girls! I’m not 100% sure what Makingmine will look like week to week, but I’m hoping to get into a Monday/Wednesday/Friday posting pattern. I really hope you stay along for the ride as I figure out a new balance :)

So what have the first three weeks been like?

A whole bunch of snoozing…

the first 3 weeks
A big sister figuring out her new role…

the first 3 weeks
And loving it (mostly)…

the first 3 weeks
A mama soaking up her precious little girl…

the first 3 weeks
A million diaper changes…

the first 3 weeks
A bath or two…

the first 3 weeks
And lots of time settling into a family of 4

the first 3 weeks
It’s been a great 3 weeks, but I’m ready to find a bit more balance in my day! Check back tomorrow for a fantastic guest post from Anna Lise The Complexion Concierge.


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