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Living Big with Michelle and Sara {Girls Night Events}

We’re back with another fabulous installment of Living Big! I’m so excited to bring you today’s interview with Michelle and Sara. I first met these amazing ladies this fall when I attended a Girls Night Event at a local boutique planned and executed by the pair. There were cookies, shopping, and fashion advice – what’s not to love?!

The night was a resounding success, and since then, I’ve had the privilege of watching Sara and Michelle continue doing BIG things right here in Omaha!

living big with sara and michelle
Each of these women is pursuing passions of her own. Michelle is an accomplished writer and photographer while Sara is forging a fashion and styling platform of her own. Together, they have created Girls Night Events, a series of fun, social events helping women network with each other and connect them with their local communities.

The first word that comes to mind when I think of this pair is “hustle,” and I think you’ll see why in their answers below!

Here’s more from Michelle and Sara…

living big with sara and michelle
How did you two meet?

We had mutual friends who always hung out at the same places. We connected after a few conversations about “real” stuff and pretty soon it was just us two sitting together every week, at our favorite spot, laughing, dancing and talking – sometimes until 4am over junk food!

Sara, what 3 words best describe Michelle?
Inspiring, a dreamer, a giver

Michelle, what 3 words best describe Sara?
Funny, tender-hearted and loyal

girls night events
Where did the idea for Girls Night Events originate?

We both have a background in event planning, but as we started to pursue our personal businesses (Sabby Style & Freely Mi) we found an opportunity. Sara wanted to expand her personal styling business, and we knew some gals who were looking for some fashion advice.

So, we thought “How fun would it be to make an event where we collaborate with a local boutique for a little fashion show and tutorial by Sara? Michelle can handle the marketing and photography. ” As we started planning, our creative juices kept flowing & more ideas started to spark.

living big with sara and michelle
Where do you see Girls Night Events going in 2016?

We already have 2 events on our calendar, with 4-5 in planning stages. We are excited to be gaining support from local editorials and new brands. The response to GNE has been so positive that we have been invited to special events and to take our events on the road. We hope to start adding our own line of products this year, as well as launch some serious branding efforts.

How do you decide which of you takes on different roles/responsibilities for Girls Night events?
We started this whole thing with individual ideas that worked well together. Sara has a great social influence and a niche for style and fashion, while Michelle was looking to grow a creative marketing business. Combine creative marketing with social influence and a fun theme — you have the foundation for Girls Night Events!

We’re always bouncing ideas off one another and we always keep it real. Our friendship will always be the priority; luck for us GNE has actually made us closer and greater friends.

living big with sara and michelle
What has been the most challenging part of planning Girls Night events?

Monetizing and scheduling. The first event was like our guinea pig & when it was a success we had to find the best way to monetize (that was mutually beneficial for GNE & the sponsors). Since we both have our own work/business in addition to GNE, the other challenge is balancing it all while still keeping our personal health and relationships a priority.

Do you have a dream company to work with for a Girls Night event?
Oh gosh! (We literally just looked at each other with BIG eyes.) It has been a goal of ours to work with NYFW. We would love to be invited to host a special NYFW event.

Who has been the biggest influence in your life? Why?
Our men! They’ve got our back no matter what and have both done BIG things on their own – in sports and entrepreneurship. They are our sounding boards, our encouragement, our support and great help when it comes business.

Where do you find inspiration?
Our faith. Knowing that there is more available to us than we could ever imagine on our own enables us to dream BIG. We find inspiration in each other and other like-minded people.

living big with sara and michelle
On the first day of co-ruling the world, what would you do?

Michelle: Travel – I want to see it all! Every sea, mountain, relic & culture!
Sara: Rescue and save all the puppies in the world!

What song gets you dancing?
We both said, “Any old school hip hop.”

5 possessions you couldn’t live without:
Michelle: A notebook, my camera, my wedding ring, my music, my passport.
Sara: My phone, nude pumps, my planner, big barrel curling iron, under-eye highlighter.

The last picture you took on your phone:
Michelle: My last photo was of Omaha designer Dan Richters and his model wearing one of his dresses at the Fashion Institute Guild Soiree.
Sara: My closet! I just finished turning a spare bedroom into my dressing room/office.

Stay in Touch!

A BIG thank you to Michelle and Sara for taking the time to chat with me! Their passion for their business and mutual admiration for each other is SO apparent. Stay in touch with Michelle and Sara and watch for the latest Girl’s Night Event news by connecting below…

Michelle: FreelyMi.comInstagramTwitterPinterestFacebook

Sara: SabbyStyle.com, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Girls Night Events: GirlsNightEvents.com, Facebook

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