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living unplugged {+ giveaway}

I talked last week about trying to balance the different demands of being a stay-at-home mom, and how I structure my day has been a topic that’s been weighing heavily on my mind. I’ve recently found myself too attached to my various screens and not living in the moment with Eleanor. I was saying “just a minute” or “maybe later” far too often, and Eleanor was beginning to think that my phone should be permanently attached to my hand.

A few weeks ago, I reached my limit and knew something had to change. I ordered the book Hands Free Mama,” and after sobbing through the first chapter, I had a new sense of direction and a set of actionable steps to take to be a more present parent.

Somehow the stars aligned and soon after I saw fellow mom blogger Sarah post about her unplugged day, and I knew I wanted to be involved. Creative Expressions sent me a shirt that read “UNPLUGGED” as a bold reminder of my commitment – no screens, no matter what, all day (except for the “dumb” features on my phone – calls and texts).

Here’s the lowdown on my unplugged day:

My first step after starting to read Hands Free Mama was to go out and buy 5 clocks. I hung them in every room, set both Jeff and I up with alarms, and started wearing my watch.

I realized that most of the time, I had my phone with me as a time telling device, but then would ultimately get sucked into meaningless reminders and notifications from various apps. One problem solved!

We spent the morning reading all of our favorite books – I asked her a million questions and was astounded by her vocabulary and imagination

And continued with some much needed snuggles for both of us – I breathed in the top of her head and felt her body fully melt into mine

Eleanor ran and played at Go Kids’ Gym – I didn’t miss a second of the action

I skipped answering emails or checking in on social media, and opted to rest during Eleanor’s nap – I woke up refreshed and ready to play again

We drove to pick up Ruby from her grooming appointment with the radio off – we sang songs and counted the school buses we saw along the way

We sat and did the same puzzle three times – and laughed at how funny the word “fish” is to say

Eleanor jumped on the bed with her dad and we all played hide and seek – all of us; fully in the moment

I’m certainly not perfect, but I’m happy about the progress I’ve made over the past few weeks. I’m much more cognizant of time spent on my phone, and do my best to save my “to do” list for nap and bedtime. I have a long way to get where I ultimately want to be, but my unplugged day was an eyeopener to just how rich life is without a phone in my hand.

Get Unplugged and WIN!

Creative Expressions is kindly offering a free UNPLUGGED tee to one lucky Makingmine reader, and I’d like to add a little something to the giveaway myself – your very own copy of “Hands Free Mama!” The book has seriously changed my life, and I would love to see another mama get started on her journey :)

Unplugged Giveaway

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