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Makingmine Feature: Gelcys

Happy Friday! Jeff and I had a blast at a pumpkin patch last night, and I’m so excited for another great fall weekend – isn’t it the best time of year! I’m also excited to share today’s Makingmine Feature! I connected with Gelcys through Sweat Pink and found her journey to be really inspiring – definitely helps you put things in perspective :)

family of runners

Q: What’s your passion? What are you “making” with your life?
My passion is running. Coming from a lot struggle, and tons to overcome running is the only thing I can do under my control.

Q: Tell us your story – how did you get started?
LONG story, but I have severe Scoliosis, 4 surgeries and many many Doctors later saying I will never be able to run again, nor be active. I pushed and pushed myself to overcome everything. I have a shorter leg, higher hi, and limited breathing capacity in my lungs. I am not currently training for my first full marathon! I think I have overcome a lot and I am not done =)


Q: How would you define success?
My definition of success is knowing I can actually do it. I CAN run, and run races. Doctors still can’t believe I am able to run in my condition. That is satisfying to me, to know that if I believe in myself enough, I can do anything.

Q: What advice would you give others who want to pursue their dream or make a change in their life?

dont give up

Q: What’s next for you?
I am training real hard to have a successful marathon in January. I farthest I have raced is a half marathon. My ultimate goal is to run the NYC marathon.

Q: How can we get involved?
I blog at www.runnerunleashed.com. I also have a FB page at www.facebook.com/RunnerUnleashed and on twitter at www.twitter.com/runnerunleashed

Thanks so much to Gelcys for sharing her story! I love that she has decided to share her struggles and triumphs with others to show anything’s possible with a little determination! I’m sure we’ll be hearing about her crossing the finish line at the NYC marathon :)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I’ve twisted Jeff’s arm to carve pumpkins tonight :)

Your turn:

Have you ever done anything you’ve been told would be impossible?
What are you plans this weekend?


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