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What’s Makingmine?

Makingmine was born in 2011. I felt as though I was at a crossroad in life and started to take a critical look at how I could proactively change the direction my path was taking. I wanted to strive for a healthier, happier version of me. Here’s where it all began…


Excerpt from 2011:

“I’m realizing now that life doesn’t just happen. It’s what I make of it. I treated college like a preface to “Joanna’s Life Story” when in reality, it was just a chapter leading up to where I am now. I see the life my parents have. Deep roots in their community – church, charitable organizations, school events, and their careers. It’s why home feels like home. That’s what I want for Jeff and I.

My life is what I make of it. Nobody else can be held responsible for my happiness. Everything from here on out is mine for the making – family, health, home, faith, and friendship. I’m taking what’s mine – my future – and deciding for myself where it goes.”

Since originally writing this post I feel like a lot has changed. I am happier, more focused and have a better sense of priorities in my life. Makingmine continues to be a journey as I face new challenges in marriage, motherhood and career. I hope you enjoy following along with me – as always, I love to hear your thoughts and opinions…

Contact me: joanna@makingmine.com



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