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Makingmine Feature: Amber Vokt

Makingmine” means taking control of your life to pursue your passions and follow your dreams. Whether it’s creating your own business, challenging your body through exercise, becoming the best parent possible, finding a job you love, or volunteering on the weekends, we ALL have something that brings us joy and makes us unique.

As a new series, each Friday I’ll feature someone who’s making the most of their life and share their story. Big or small we all have something to share.

I’m really excited to kick off the series with Amber Vokt! I’ve known Amber since grade school, and it’s so awesome to see her pursuing a dream that she’s had for years. She’s been hustling to get her fashion line launched and has already been making a big splash! She was kind enough to let me pick her brain and find out just how she’s making it all happen!


Q: What’s your passion? What are you “making” with your life?
I live and breathe creativity! With that said, I’ve ventured out and started to create my own clothing line, AV Clothing Designs. I love fashion and the message a wardrobe can convey. Fashion is all about art,taking risk, having fun, and being innovative all the time. For someone like me who gets bored easily, this has become the perfect career! It’s an ever changing industry, and I love that!


Q: Tell us your story – how did you get started?
I’ve always been artistic and knew that I wanted to have a career that allowed me to use my creativity. I used to tell friends in high school that I wanted to start my own clothing line, but never really took the leap to start it until after my grandmother passed away in late 2011. That next spring I bought my 1st sewing machine and started practicing! I’ve never had any formal training, but I use to sit and watch my grandmother when I was younger. So with just having those mental notes, I’ve basically taught myself. That and the one sewing class everyone in the 7th grade was required to take has helped me with the basics!

That summer in 2012 I took some pics of dresses/designs I created, got so much positive feedback that I launched a facebook page that following February in 2013. I worked all through the summer creating new looks for my 1st line titled, Rock Dollie. I also entered into an independent art show in Minneapolis for RAW- Natural Born Artist and booked my 1st show this past August! It was such an awesome experience, and I can’t wait to have another show!

Fashion show

Q: How would you define success?
Success is measured differently for everyone, and for me I’m still on that path. I definitely think I’ve made extreme progress with my line. When I think back a year ago, none of this was here. That’s a stride of success. I see where I’ve started, what I’m doing now, and where I’m going. It’s a journey, and I love that.

But I have so many dreams with my line, that I’ve barely touched on what I want to conquer! I’m a little critical on myself…ok a lot ,but that only means I want to get better at what I do. Someday I would love to see my designs on a red carpet….that would be a worthy moment to say that I’ve “made it”.

Q: What advice would you give others who want to pursue their dream or make a change in their life?
Take action! Seriously, that’s all it takes! I spent so much time just wishing I was doing exactly what I’m doing now. And after losing my grandmother, I realized how much we take life for granted. I know it may sound cliche or cheesy, but it’s the truth. I had to lose someone very close to me to realize that. If you want something bad enough take action, ask questions, talk to everyone, but do something.

I’m living through this right now, and I’m caught in the middle of chasing down my biggest dream. Don’t be afraid of failure….that was one thing that always held me back as well. But you only get stronger and smarter once you press forward from it. I’m a huge believer in that we can do anything or became anything we want. Just be fearless and be confident in yourself, but more importantly do what makes you happy. We only live this life once and don’t you want to look back and say you gave it your all? I do.


Q: What’s next for you?
So many things! I’m working on more promo videos for my line, new designs for fall, photo shoots…. I’m in the middle of building a portfolio for a competition I’m going to enter into next month. I also want to launch a T shirt line. AVCD is definitely keeping busy! But I would not be doing this without the love and support of those who believe in me and what I’m doing. I have to say that I’m so blessed to have those people in my life, and I just want to take everyone on this journey with me as this builds and creates itself.

Q: How can we get involved?
I do my best to keep everyone updated on the latest AVCD events and info. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @amberVokt, please like my Facebook page: AV Clothing Designs, and check out my work online at www.avclothingdesigns.com. And you can also email me at amberkay3@gmail.com if anyone has questions or requests!!

Want to see more? Check out this awesome promo video of AVCD’s Rock Dollie collection!

Your turn:

Do you or someone you know have a story to share? I’d love to hear it – click here to see how!

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