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Mom & Me 5k

This weekend Eleanor and I did our 1st 5k with just the two of us!

I was so excited when I stumbled across the Mom & Me 5k. It sounded like fun and a portion of the proceeds went to the Siena/Francis House. I love when race fees go toward a good cause, so it seemed like a great fit for my May race. Plus, it would give me a new challenge pushing Eleanor in her stroller!

mom and me 5k omaha
The event was put on by the Omaha House Officers Association Alliance which is a group that supports spouses and families of medical residents at Creighton and UNMC. It was their inaugural race and they did a fantastic job organizing and executing!

The Mom & Me 5k was held at Walnut Creek Lake in Papillion. I’d never been out to the recreation area before and boy have I been missing out! It’s absolutely beautiful and the trails are perfect for a walk, run or ride. Plus, there’s a pretty awesome dog park too (more on that later).

We got to registration early and hung out for awhile. Juuuuuust as everything was about to get started and I tried to get Eleanor in her stroller, she had a mini-meltdown. She was hungry, so I nursed her in the car. Minutes later I heard Jeff holler and start clapping. No, not for me haha – it turned out I was the grand prize winner of a drawing and won a 1 year household membership to the YMCA! Way cool! 

mom and me 5k omaha
Eleanor ate fast so I only ended up being a little bit late to the start. She stayed awake for the first half of the race, but was out cold by mile two. I absolutely loved the route and was already making mental notes about bringing my sister and her girls out here when they visit this summer :)

While Eleanor and I made our way around the lake, Jeff and Ruby checked out the leash-free area of the park. Ruby was in puppy heaven…

mom and me 5k omaha
Pushing Eleanor was no joke. With no jogging stroller (yet), it was difficult to keep an even pace. My time was pretty poor, but I had an absolute blast running with my baby girl. I think you can tell from the smile on my face…

mom and me 5k omaha

As fate would have it, we found a BOB running stroller on Craigslist later that day. We sent off an email, checked it out, and purchased it for a steal by 2:00pm. Only a few hours late for that morning’s race… guess we’ll have to do another one soon! ;)

Your turn:

How did you spend your weekend?
Do you have any experience with jogging strollers? I need to hear any important do’s and don’ts :)


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