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Mom and Me Baking Day

As I’ve said before, holidays are perfect for finding ways to connect with our kiddos. And we all know it’s not really Christmas without COOKIES! But when I decided to have a baking day with Eleanor, I knew it would need to be on her terms:

Things Eleanor Enjoys

  1. Pouring
  2. Stirring
  3. Taste testing

Things Eleanor does NOT Enjoy

  1. Measuring
  2. A million different steps
  3. Waiting longer than 15 minutes

A recipe from scratch was out of the question (too complicated) and refrigerated dough was a “no go” as well (too simple). Enter cookie mix! Double Chocolate Cookie Mix from Immaculate Baking to be exact :)

Baking your preschooler will love
After scrambling up into her Learning Tower, Eleanor got to POUR the cookie mix, oil, and eggs into the big bowl and then STIR it all together! The dough came together really easily and after a sneaky TASTE TEST of the spoon, the cookies were ready to bake!

Easy baking day with your preschooler
After just 12 minutes in the oven, our cookies were ready to decorate! Based on a preliminary taste test, I can tell you that these delicious chocolate cookies are perfect just the way they are, but per Eleanor, we simply HAD to add frosting and sprinkles :)

And away she went…

Unleash your preschooler's creativity with cookie decoratingCookie baking with a preschooler
We were super fancy and used a can of whipped vanilla frosting, mini M&M’s, jelly beans, and a variety of Wilton sprinkles

Preschooler approved baking dayBaking on a preschooler's terms
While Eleanor was busy licking frosting off her fingers, I was able to grab TWO cookies of my own to decorate as little snowmen using M&M eyes, a sprinkle mouth, and a jelly bean nose. I found the inspiration on Immaculate Baking’s website where they have tons of awesome recipe ideas!

The rest are Eleanor’s “Christmas tree ornaments.” I think she did a great job!

Fun winter activity for preschoolers: Snowman cookie bakingCookie baking your preschooler will love
Our mini baking day was just perfect! It was the right amount of time to spend on a project with a preschooler and the results couldn’t have been cuter (or more delicious)! I see many more cookie mixes in our future! Immaculate Baking also has an array of brownie, cake, and waffle mixesyum!

Preschooler approved cookies
Want to have an immaculate baking day with your little one over the holidays? Grab this coupon before you head to the store! And make sure to visit Immaculate Baking for festive recipe ideas :)

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xoxo joanna

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