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mommy fitness: stroller classes

Hi there! My sweet nieces are still visiting from Texas, so I’ve been playing auntie this week. Thanks for all of the wonderful birthday wishes for Eleanor – she had a fantastic 1st birthday, and I can’t wait to share more about her party next week!

But first, I want to tell you about an awesome new mommy/daughter activity Eleanor and I have started together! My friend Jess who blogs at Blonde Ponytail told me about the stroller classes at Mommy Fitness Omaha.

Mommy Fitness is brand new studio catering to the overall health and fitness of women at any age and stage of life. They offer both prenatal and postnatal classes and even incorporate kids where applicable (we all know what a workout carrying around a 20 pound baby can be).

mommy fitness omaha stroller class
The stroller classes sounded perfect for E and I – a chance to be outside and enjoy the beautiful weather while still getting in a good sweat (plus, no daycare needed)! And since I’m a newly full-time stay at home mom, I also love the opportunity to get out and meet other moms and give Eleanor some socialization.

The class Jess instructs (with help from her adorable daughter Jada) meets on Wednesday mornings at Stinson Park. The stroller fitness classes are a combination of cardio and strength training using primarily bodyweight circuits.

mommy fitness omaha stroller class
The group of moms who showed up ranged from a pregnant mama in her 3rd trimester with two toddlers in tow, to a brand new mama just 9 weeks postpartum, to me, a mama 1 year out. Obviously our needs were all very different, and Jess did a great job making different modifications to help us each make the most of the class.

mommy fitness omaha stroller class
After a couple of power laps around the park and some stretching, we got to work with our different strength training stations. Exercises ranged from step-ups and stroller lunges, to upper body work with resistance bands, and planks for our core. We cycled through the stations with 30 second intervals and then took the babies on another lap before starting the next set of exercises. It was perfect for keeping the babies interested and gave me a chance to catch my breath. After an hour of this back-and-forth, I was definitely feeling it!

mommy fitness omaha stroller class
The class is laid out in such as way that you can work at your own pace. And since being a mama never stops, you can take care of baby as necessary too. Eleanor was SO done being in her stroller by the end of our first class, so Jess modified one of our final moves for me. I used E for some extra weight during squats – she loved it :)

mommy fitness omaha stroller class
Jess had suggested that we let the babies play in the fountains at the park, so I dressed Eleanor in her swimsuit and she and Jada had a great time splashing together. The water felt great after our sweaty workout :)

mommy fitness omaha stroller class
I definitely plan on making the stroller classes a weekly event for E and I. It feels great to start my day with a workout, and I’ve really enjoyed getting to meet more moms in the area. The best part? At only $5 a class, it’s totally affordable. If you’re around Omaha, it’d be awesome to have you join us! E would love to make more baby friends :)

There are also many other amazing classes offered at Mommy Fitness such as Dancing for Birth and Baby and Me Yoga. Visit their site to see class descriptions and to get registered!

Your turn:

Do you ever work out with baby?
Have you been to any splash pads this summer? I want to go again!

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