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corNfield corNfield: my 1st 10k

Hello and happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend! As you know from yesterday’s post, we enjoyed hosting my parents and my sister’s family over the weekend and it was sad to see them go (although we absolutely crashed from exhaustion the minute they pulled out of the driveway haha).

The weekend was a blast with visits to the Omaha Children’s Museum and the Henry Doorly Zoo along with lots of play time right here at the house.  This weekend I also reached a new running milestone  – I ran my first 10k!

I did my 1st 5k back in 2011, so I was overdue to bump up my mileage. I was intimidated by the distance for a long time, but I’ve set a few new fitness goals for myself before I have another baby (eek) and running a 10k was the 1st step.

5k races seem to be everywhere but finding a 10k was a bit more difficult. Luckily, BRIN running (the awesome organization that hosted Kicks ‘n Kisses) added a new 10k to their race lineup.

omaha cornfield 10k
The CorNfield CorNfield 10k was held at Werner Park. I was a little worried about the route because I had done a 5k race out there last fall that I didn’t like much (too many turnarounds), but they mapped out a great route that consisted of 2 big loops before finally finishing in the stadium.

omaha cornfield 10k
The weather didn’t look promising on Saturday morning with rain and thunderstorms predicted, but the clouds cleared and the sun shined for us the entire time! It was the PERFECT morning for a race (anything feels better than the snow and sleet we encountered our first 3 months of races this year haha)

And just like the name promised, there were cornfields on either side (an easy task in Nebraska)…

omaha cornfield 10k

Jeff ran with me the entire time even though he could have easily sprinted out ahead of me. It’s really nice to have his support and company along the way! I felt really good the whole time until my knee started to bother me (I need to work on IT issues). I narrowly missed my goal for time, but that just gives me something to work toward :)

omaha cornfield 10k
It was a really fun morning and we celebrated ou finish the Nebraska way… with watermelon, corn on the cob, and a cold Bud Light :)

omaha cornfield 10k
I can’t wait to keep building on my mileage, run more races, and get closer to my goals!

omaha cornfield 10k

Your turn:

How was your weekend? Did you do anything special?
Any tips for increasing mileage? My knee is the biggest issue – need to stretch and strengthen!

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