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my 1st foodie penpal!

This month I signed up to participate in the Foodie Penpals program hosted by Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean! It’s such a cool idea – it’s like having a pen pal, except you get food in the mail rather than a friendship bracelet! :)

Each month you get paired up with two people – one to send a box to and another who you will receive a box from. Then you get to spend $15 putting together a box of goodies for the other person and wait to receive a box for yourself in the mail! Participants are from all over the country, so penpals have the opportunity to try great local finds as well as new foods that someone else enjoys!

After everybody exchanges, The Lean Green Bean hosts a “reveal” day where bloggers can show off their boxes! The penpal program is for bloggers and readers alike and this month I happened to be paired with 2 readers!

I received a box from Roselyn from St. Louis who interestingly enough had Omaha connections (small world)!
She put together an awesome box:

foodie penpals august

1. Oatmeal: I was so happy she sent these! I LOVE oatmeal for breakfast, so it was fun to try new flavors! It’s good for me to get out of my breakfast rut!

2. Gooey Butter Cookies: These are a local favorite in St. Louis and they were perfectly sweet – enough said :)

3. Vanilla Almond Butter: I recently bought some samples of Justin’s almond butter, but I’ve never tried the vanilla flavor. I’m ready to buy the full size!

4. Hazelnut Creme Coffee: I mentioned that I LOVE coffee, so she was kind enough to include a bag! I have a feeling this won’t last long around here :)

5. Penzey’s Spices: Jeff and I have quite a collection of Penzey’s mixes, but these were totally new! Sunny Paris will be great for chicken dishes and the Berbere is SUPER spicy – just what Jeff and I crave! :)

6. Crystal Light Energy: Roselyn must have thought the coffee wouldn’t cut it, so she included some Crystal Light Energy! The individual packets are so easy to throw in a bag to mix with some water on the go!

This was SO fun – everything from shopping for my penpal, to unpacking the box, to trying new foods was just a blast! A special thanks to Roselyn for putting together a great box and to Lindsay for hosting! I just signed up for next month, and I can’t wait to get matched up with new penpals and do it all over again! If you think it’s something you’d like to try, click here for more information and to sign up!


The Lean Green Bean
Your turn:
What favorite foods would you send to your penpal?
Did you ever have penpals growing up? I had one from Des Moines throughout elementary school!
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