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my 1st post-baby race!

This was a BIG weekend for our little family!

I ran my first postpartum race, my husband completed his first half marathon, we hosted a house warming party, and I attended the 2nd Omaha bloggers meet-up! The entire weekend was SO fun, but I am completely exhausted and currently typing this post with my feet up in bed :)

So about my race…it’s not exactly what I had envisioned, but as I’m constantly reminded, life doesn’t always go as planned!

I told you all a couple of months ago that I signed up for the 10k that coincided with the Omaha Marathon. I tried really hard to get back into running, but I completely underestimated the amount of healing I had left to do after childbirth. I started too fast, too far, too early and ended up being in quite a bit of pain. I scared myself and totally backed off of exercising… and by “backed off” I mean I basically stopped. Whoops.

Now obviously this is a bad plan for anybody planning to run a race. I realized that I was nowhere near ready to run a 10k, so I switched my registration to the 5k. I have done enough 5k’s that I felt comfortable with this distance. This particular race was going to be different for a couple of reasons.

Obviously it was my first post-baby run, but it was also the first race I would be completing solo. I’ve always ran with my husband, and he’s a huge motivator to keep going strong. I can’t let him beat me, right?! 


I was surprisingly calm on Saturday morning. I had to wake up early to pump since Eleanor was still sleeping. I missed seeing my baby girl, but it actually worked out perfect because it made running much more comfortable. It was freezing cold, but the atmosphere was really relaxed. I made a new friend who had a 6 month old son, so we talked babies until the race started.

Once I got going, my body clicked back into a familiar (although slower) rhythm. I found a couple of girls to pace myself with, and I trailed them through the entirety of the course. It was surprisingly fun to run alone. I listened to the Top 40 station on FitRadio and took in the beautiful fall day. The entire run felt amazing!

As always, I used RunKeeper to track my milage and pace. I knew it was going to be by far my slowest 5k finish, but I forced myself to finish strong with a smile on my face. It felt really good to break the ice and prove to myself that I could run free of pain. I’ve already signed up for two more 5k’s this fall! Now that my mental barrier has been broken down, I’ll definitely be hitting the pavement to work on getting my time down!


My husband completed the Omaha half marathon on Sunday and finished within his goal time! I am SO incredibly proud of him! His dedication has been awesome – what a great example for our daughter! Nora looks pretty proud to me :)


Your turn:

Do you prefer to run alone or with others? I definitely like having a companion, but I would run alone again!
Do you have any bucket list items? I would love to do a half with my husband next year, and when I’m done having kids, I want to run a full!



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