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My Top 6 Messy Mom Moments

Thanks to SheSpeaks/Walmart for sponsoring this post!

You guys, this may come as a shock, but I’m not a perfect mom. Like far, far, FAR from it. I’ve had more “oops” moments in the past 3 years than I can count. In fact, I remember my very first “oops” moment as a parent.

The nurse came into our hospital room the afternoon after Eleanor was born asking about how many wet diapers she had had. Jeff and I both looked at each other wide-eyed, “oh yeah, I guess that’s our job now!” Oops! Needless to say, we’ve more than made up for any potential missed diaper changes ;)

Avoid the Oops with Walmart.com

My life is messy in a million ways, but here are a few of my more notable messy mom moments:

  1. Putting a size 4 diaper on my newborn during a midnight diaper change
  2. Tipping baby over for a kiss fresh after nursing
  3. Never remembering a bib anywhere we go… ever
  4. Getting to our destination with no shoes for either child
  5. Forgetting nursing pads and improvising with a (clean) diaper
  6. Running out of diapers, wipes, detergent… at the worst possible time!

Things get messy with two little ones! Oops!

For every moment they look like this…

life's messy mom moments
There’s ten more where they look like this…

my top messy mom moments

And inevitably, I will be out of detergent when those clothes land in the laundry basket. Oops! Luckily for messy moms like me, you can have all of your household essentials delivered right to your front door from Walmart.com!

Check out my latest order…

Unboxing Walmart.com essentials

Affordable and Convenient

It’s nice to have one less shopping trip to take with two kids in tow, and I can get exactly what I need at a guaranteed low price whether it’s for my kitchen, laundry room, nursery, or bathroom! #MomWin

So while my life may not get any less messy anytime soon, at least when I’m desperately trying to get a stain out of Eleanor’s current favorite dress, my detergent will always be within reach!

household essentials from Walmart.com

Comments are open! I want to hear your messy mom moments!

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xoxo joanna

Thanks to SheSpeaks/Walmart for sponsoring this post!

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