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mymonday – week of may 7

This is an incredibly exciting week – it marks the end of my 1st semester back in school and J and I get to pack up for a long overdue trip home to the heartland. I am so proud of my accomplishments the past few months. My journey back to school hasn’t been without its trials, but I can truly say that I am so, SO happy with where I am in my life. And that’s all that really matters at the end of it all, right?

my monday fridge of invites and photos

a daily reminder of what this week will bring!

Friday morning we’re going to pack up the car for a long trip home to Omaha. This weekend J’s sisters are both celebrating major milestones of their own. Mel is graduating from college and Meg will be heading to high school next year. I can tell J is so proud of both of them, and we’re both really excited to join in the celebration.

Our upcoming wedding will also be a major focus of our trip home. We have appointments with almost every vendor hoping to tie up *most* of the loose ends before August. I can’t believe how close we’re getting – only 3 months away now!

Last and certainly not least, we’re going to be able to see our sweet little niece Mahala when we head back to Iowa to see my parents and my sister. She’s the absolute best and 5 months is just too long to go without giving her a good squeeze :)

With my “to do” list getting shorter and shorter, I can’t wait to get home and see everybody!


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