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Nap Time Notes: Creating

Hey mamas, I’m popping in today with a quick post! I’m starting a new “Nap Time Notes” series where I’ll kick back while the girls nap and scribble out my thoughts on whatever topic is swirling around this “mom brain” of mine. Mostly, I just want to connect with you all! Should be fun ;) 

Nap Time Notes with Joanna from MakingmineA Piece of Advice

Do I have any fellow podcast lovers? Podcasts are my “go to” for activities where I need to distract myself, so I mostly use them for doing dishes and running (both equally painful parts of my day, haha). One of my favorites is “Happier with Gretchen Rubin.”

In a recent episode Gretchen and Liz asked listeners to submit the best advice they’ve ever received, and one woman’s words of wisdom really resonated with me. A fellow stay-at-home mom called in and said that a friend of hers had suggested she “do one thing each day that can’t be undone.”

sahm mess

Life on Repeat

If I look at what I do day in and day out, it’s clear that I live in a world where most of what I get done will need to be repeated in the exact same manner over and over and o-v-e-r again. Nothing sticks. The toys will be scattered, the girls will be hungry, their clothes will be filthy, and the sink will be overflowing with dishes. Every. Single. Day.

I guess that’s why I love blogging. It’s really why I started blogging in the first place. As insignificant as my posts may sometimes appear to you as a reader, to me, it’s tangible evidence of something I created. Something I brainstormed, photographed, wrote, edited, and published. It’s the product of a whole lot of heart and soul.

A Need to Create

This piece of advice got me thinking about what else I was doing when I started my blog. I had recently quit my job and was waiting for my teacher certification coursework to start. My days had no inherent purpose, so I created my own. I was teaching myself to sew, trying new recipes, and establishing greener household practices. All of these things made me REALLY happy. 

sewingThis post isn’t to say that I’m not happy – because I really truly am! But it’s nice to reflect on some simple ways to bring more joy into my life. Once the girls are in bed, perhaps I should sew rather than scroll (darn you Instagram) or take over the kitchen rather than the couch.

One thing’s for sure, I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more ways to CREATE. Any ideas for me? 

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xoxo joanna

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