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new workout routine + AMRAP bar giveaway

With the hip pain I’ve been experiencing lately with running, it was time to find another way to exercise. Swimming laps was my main form of exercise in college, but I hadn’t dipped into the lap lanes since I was pregnant with Eleanor! The only problem was that my one piece suit never fit quite right and my maternity suit might raise more than a few questions, haha!

I decided to make it *nearly* impossible to make excuses not to go and invested in a new fitness suit, goggles, and a swim cap (hey, I don’t want crispy chlorine hair).

With gear out of the way, getting Eleanor back on track at Y-Care was next. She hadn’t been to the gym daycare since June (yikes), so I knew getting her back into the routine would be a bit rough. She lasted 10 minutes the 1st day, 20 the next, and 30 minutes by her 3rd visit. I did treadmill/resistance workouts those first few visits back because it would have been a HUGE hassle to get in the pool only to be called out to get her after 10 minutes.

Luckily, there is an AWESOME staff at my local Y and they’ve worked really hard to make sure that Eleanor is adjusting well. The last time I picked her up she was happily playing with a baby doll and carrier with another little girl. Absolutely adorable!

Ok, so back to swimming. I LOVE swimming because it is a total body workout. I was amazed at how much my muscles protested during my 1st swim – muscles that hadn’t been used in quite some time! Swimming can be done at any pace, and depending on the day, I’ll really push myself lap after lap OR I’ll use my swim to simply relax and unwind.

Either way, I always end a swim feeling accomplished! I also always end my swim HUNGRY! You know that ravenous feeling you had as a kid after a day at the pool? Yeah, like that! I was sent a sampler pack of the brand new AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) bar flavors – Cashew & Vanilla, Fig and Cacao, and Almond & Honey. They’ve been the perfect post-swim fuel!

AMRAP bar giveaway
I love these bars for a multitude of reasons. First (and most importantly) – they’re SUPER tasty! My personal favorite is the Almond & Honey flavor. The bars aren’t as sweet as some brands out there, but I actually prefer that. AMRAP bars remind me of the consistency of Lara bars, and are made only with REAL ingredients.

AMRAP bar giveaway
So that’s point number two – AMRAP bars are 100% Paleo, Non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, preservative and artificial ANYTHING-free! Plus they pack some serious punch with 12 – 15 grams protein at 270 – 320 calories. It’s definitely a post-workout snack I can feel good about!

AMRAP bar giveaway
Per the suggestion of my friend Erin, I’ve been cutting my bars into bite sized pieces. I try to pay attention to my hunger and not overeat just for the sake of finishing something. Her tip definitely helps, and plus – how cute is this reusable bag? ;)

AMRAP bar giveaway

Want to try AMRAP Bars yourself?

THREE lucky Makingmine readers will win an 8 pack of AMRAP bars (choice of Cashew & VanillaFig and Cacao, and Almond & Honey)!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

As an extra bonus, AMRAP is offering a pre-order giveaway! Starting at 12:00pm CST today, customers can pre-order a 12-count variety pack of the new AMRAP bars for $45. The first 2,500 customers will receive exclusive prizes suck as ebooks and coupon codes! Learn more and place your order here!

Your turn:

Are you a fan of swimming?
What’s your favorite post-workout snack?

**I was sent a complimentary sample pack of AMRAP bars through my affiliation with FitApproach. All thoughts and opinions are my own!



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