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olson baking day

I’ve been talking about this for weeks now, but today I’m FINALLY going to share with you my 3 all-time favorite Christmas treats. They’re each traditional Norwegian goodies that my grandma’s used to make every year. My mom and I decided it was time for the next generation to learn the secrets, so after consulting our expert sources (the grandmas themselves), we set to work making krumkake, lefse and kringla.

Krumkake was up first. It’s hard to describe, but it’s basically a super thin cookie cooked on an iron and rolled into a cone (kind of like a waffle). They are super crunchy, have a buttery taste, and fall apart all over the place when you try to eat them :)

They were actually much easier to make than I expected. We mixed up the batter, spooned it onto the electric iron, waited 30 seconds and then used wooden forms to roll them up. I burnt my fingers a few times, but the results were well worth it!

Lefse was up next. If you’ve never had lefse, you’re probably looking at the picture thinking it looks a lot like a tortilla, haha. You’re right… but it tastes totally different. It’s made of potatoes and cream and is SUPER thin. We eat ours rolled up with butter and sugar – yum!

My mom and I made lefse for Thanksgiving and had finally perfected our technique by the end of the day. This time we knew exactly what we were doing and the results were AMAZING! We each have our special jobs – my mom rolls out the dough and I handle the griddle. Nothing like a little teamwork! My job’s the best because I get to use the sweet lefse sticks ;)

The last treat we conquered was kringla. I love, love, LOVE kringla! It’s a soft cookie made with sour cream and loads of butter. See? Delicious! They are shaped into mini pretzels that puff up when baked.

My mom used to make these when I was little, but she never thought hers turned out very pretty. I disagree – plus, who cares when they taste good?! The dough is pretty sticky, but with enough flour, I managed to get my little pretzels formed. I’ve been happily snacking on kringla ALLLLL week – these are Eleanor’s favorites too!

I had a great time creating these goodies with my mom – that’s what the holidays are really about anyways! I think we’ve created a few new traditions of our own. Hopefully my sister can join us next year!

And it won’t be long before Eleanor is helping me make a mess in the kitchen ;)

Check out all the yummy recipes here: 


Your turn:

Does your family have any holiday traditions?
What’s your favorite Christmas treat?

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