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It was a BIG weekend at our house: Eleanor is crawling!

Every time we put her on the floor to play, she got closer and closer until finally on Sunday afternoon she crawled across the living room floor! She still prefers to move around backwards and side-to-side, but she’s definitely getting more sophisticated in her movements.

She can go from belly to sitting up and back to belly with ease. It’s so cool to see her crawl to a toy, pick it up, sit up and play, and then get back down to move again. My BIG girl!

crawling baby
Other than enticing Eleanor to crawl, Jeff and I had a fairly relaxed weekend. My parents were in town and they treated us to a night out at The Waiting Room to hear a couple of bands. It was a lot of fun and a good reminder to take advantage of the fun opportunities available in Omaha.

waiting room omaha
My parents have recently adopted my great aunt’s dog, so we had a full house with 2 pups (and a baby) running around! Ruby was a little territorial and wary of her new puppy friend, but the two of them eventually worked out their differences and had a lazy weekend together.

baby crawling
Like every weekend, this one ended too soon! Student teaching is still going well and I plan on giving a full update on everything school related tomorrow! Until then you’ll find me quickly baby proofing this house of mine!

HAPPY MONDAY and stay warm out there! :)


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