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post-baby body: month 1

I’m officially at 1 month postpartum, and I’m ready to check in on my post-baby body. I don’t have a specific goal weight or measurements, but I’m going to use them as one example of monthly measures of progress. I was 123 lbs when I got pregnant, but I don’t have any “before” measurements. I’m really more interested in how my clothes fit and how my body FEELS. I want to gain endurance and strength, so I need to find a workout regimen that supports both of these goals.

Up until recently I had strictly been sticking to stroller walks with Eleanor. I can already feel a difference on those walks. I started out getting winded about halfway through, but I’m feeling better and better everyday. I can also see a difference in myself – I’m not as “puffy” as I was 4 weeks ago (aka – I can see my bone structure again haha).

pbbmonth1_1 pbbmonth1_2

Just this week I started phasing in the postnatal components of my pregnancy DVD’s. They include pilates, cardio and light weight segments. It feels good to start getting back into a groove. I’m still experiencing some of the effects of postpartum healing, so I haven’t ventured back into running quite yet. I plan on waiting for the “all clear” from my doctor next week.

Jeff and I are also in the market for a gym membership. Besides the regular stuff, we want somewhere with a variety of fitness classes, a pool, and a daycare program. We toured 4 locations this weekend, and it was extremely overwhelming. I never expected gyms in Omaha to cost more than than my gym in Milwaukee (ouch)! And daycare is also a big concern – some places don’t seem to have the best policies in place. We think we found a good option, but if anybody in the Omaha area has a recommendation, please pass it along!

Without further ado… here are my 1 month stats:


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