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post-baby body: month 2

I can’t believe it’s already time to write this post – I’m not ready! :)

I’m going to be completely honest and admit that I didn’t put forth much effort in the fitness arena this month. It’s crazy how fast I can unravel and fall into bad habits. I think I started running before I was truly ready and ended up not feeling so great for awhile. Combine that with a change in routine by spending a week in Iowa and getting totally caught up in “baby world,” I’ve hardly exercised in weeks! Ouch!

That being said, I’m not feeling too down on myself. I feel as though I have plenty of time to prepare for my 10k – I’m running to prove to myself that I can finish, not for hitting a specific time!

After reflecting on where I went wrong, I’ve come to a few key realizations if I’m ever going to be able to make fitness a priority:

1. There is NEVER a perfect time to go to the gym
Managing Nora’s schedule is more hectic than I anticipated. She’s up more than ever and if she’s not eating or in need of a diaper change, she’s wanting one-on-one interaction with me (which I try to make a priority). That means when she finally settles down for a nap, the last thing I want to do is strap her into a carseat and head to the gym. HOWEVER, it’s impossible for me to be there every second she’s awake or to never disturb a nap. I need to set a schedule (with a 30 minute flex window for getting out the door) and commit to days/times at the gym.

2. Find opportunities at home
Seriously, why have I not been leveraging my at-home workouts? I have everything I need to do several different exercise DVD’s right in my living room. This should be a feasible option several days a week.

3. Don’t let a change in routine derail plans
I had a great time visiting my parents in Iowa, so why didn’t I ask them to go on a stroller walk with me or take advantage of the extra pair of hands and sneak off to the fitness center? Duh :)

I think with a few simple changes, I’ll be able to make fitness the priority it should be!

Here are my month 2 stats:

post-baby body month 2


What do you do to stay in a fitness routine when you travel? 


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