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pregnancy fitness: denise austin fit & firm

In all honesty, ever since J and I returned home from the honeymoon back in August, my exercise routine has severely suffered. I hardly stepped foot in the gym in September, and then when I got pregnant, I was in no shape for exercise (aka: it’s extremely difficult to find motivation when you’re nauseous 24/7). When I finally hit the 2nd trimester (yay!), I returned to the gym and started regularly running intervals and doing mild upper-body work.

Now at 18 weeks, running is less comfortable, and I’m trying to be mindful of how high I get my heart rate up. I continue to jog on the treadmill, but only at a pace where I can maintain conversation. With my “go to” gym routine becoming less feasible, I knew it was time to find a better alternative. I did some research and asked some of the pregnant mommas I follow on Twitter for suggestions – the Denise Austin Fit & Firm Pregnancy DVD had good reviews on Amazon, required little equipment (hand weights and pillows) and was a reasonable price, so I decided to order it and give it a try. Ruby pup gets to be my audience as I fumble around the living room – she’s pretty much the only living being that I would allow to see me like this :)

denise austin fit and firm

The DVD arrived early last week, and I did my first 2 workouts (20 minutes each) the next morning. Before starting, I did the Breathing and Core Awareness segment. It was 5 minutes and a complete waste of time. It basically overviewed how to breathe – which I suppose could be useful if you’ve never done any type of exercise… ever.

Next I did the Cardio Workout. As I began I remember thinking, “Oh my gosh, this is going to be way too easy. WHY did I waste my money on this?!” But by the end, my heart rate was up, I was warm, and it was a lot of fun. It definitely wasn’t intense cardio, but as a pregnant momma, that’s not what we’re supposed to be aiming for anyways.

Next up was the 2nd Trimester Toning. Again, as it started it seemed way too easy. I did like that it targeted areas of my body that my normal routine doesn’t hit. Next time I do this segment, I’m going to use heavier weights. I may even pause the DVD and do more reps of certain moves.

The aspect I liked best about both the cardio and the toning was the stretching that was involved. A lot of times when I do cardio, I feel really tight at the end (from my core, all the way down). These segments really opened up my body and took pressure off my chest, back and hips. I definitely see this as a huge benefit at my pregnancy progresses.

Overall, for the price I paid for this DVD, I’m happy with my purchase. I am not good at just making up my own exercises, so adding this DVD  to my workout rotation will be really nice.

How have you had to alter your exercise routine? Do you have any suggestions for pregnant mommas?

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