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all things pumpkin {+ race recap}

Happy Monday! Jeff jetted off to New York for the week, so my mom has set up camp in Omaha to keep me company and help me get through a huge “to do” list. We had a great weekend full of fun fall activities.

We kicked off our weekend with some yummy pumpkin pancakes. My parents gave us this mix and suggested adding an egg to the batter. It made them so light and fluffy – I think we’re going to have to stock up on this mix before it’s retired for the season!

Photo Oct 26, 8 41 08 AM
My little pumpkin Eleanor dressed up as a little lion cub and on Saturday we hit up Village Pointe shopping center for some Halloween fun. They had trick-or-treating, carnival games, and yummy snacks. They even had a huge pumpkin tree that they lit in the evening. I love the idea of doing an afternoon festival to celebrate Halloween rather than going door to door at night (but let’s be real, we’ll probably do both when Eleanor is old enough).

lion_cub pumpkin_tree
On Sunday I raced a 5k at Omaha’s Great Pumpkin Run. It was the 1st year of the run, and it was a ton of fun! I expected it to be chilly, but a 36° morning made me really glad that my costume included a giant sweatshirt. My mom used Heat-n-Bond and sewed a jack-o-lantern face on the front of a neon orange shirt – it was perfect!

I met up with Erin and her husband at the start of the race – she was Minnie Mouse and Josh was a pirate!

Photo Oct 27, 11 08 20 AM
My favorite couple costume was Fred and Wilma Flinstone. I hope Jeff and I are still doing fun races together when we’re in our 50’s!

The 5k course was fun, but had 3 turnarounds on hills. It was wonderful speeding downhill, but heading back up was a beast! My time was still much slower than I’d like, but I haven’t been running enough to be any faster. By the Ugly Sweater Run in December, I am determined to be more ready!

Despite a cold start to the day, Sunday warmed up to be really nice! My mom and I ran some errands and finished off the day at Target. We somehow found ourselves in the Halloween section and couldn’t resist dressing up Eleanor in some silly costumes. I think the purple hair is my favorite – she looks like a troll!

Photo Oct 27, 8 15 37 PM
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

Your turn:

Do you have any pumpkin favorites?
How are you getting in the Halloween spirit this week?


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