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Pure Cardio

The title says it all – today was Pure Cardio.

It was the normal 9 minute warm up, but then Insanity went into a 15 minute, no nonsense, cardio ass kicking. The DVD went straight through, but I had to stop periodically for water breaks. Hopefully as I advance through the weeks, I’ll be able to make it longer without stopping. The key will be to keep trying to beat my last workout – always setting a new personal best.

As hard as Pure Cardio was, it was the most FUN I’ve had with Insanity yet! Not even kidding! Even as I was stumbling back upstairs, I had a smile on my face. Not sure exactly what part of this brutal workout appealed to me, but who cares?! Making exercise fun is half the battle.

I’m watching/listening to J complete the DVD as I type this. It’s always fun to compare notes with each other after it’s all said and done. His endurance amazes me. He pushes through to the end even if he has to slow down a bit – it’s definitely a lot better than just stopping cold. I’m thinking we may have enough space in our basement to do a couple of workouts together. When I was training for my 5k this summer, it was always better when J was along for the run to push me.

Tomorrow we come full circle – back to Plyometric Cardio Circuit. It’ll be my first repeat session. Now that I know what I’m doing, there will be no excuses not to push as hard as I can.

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