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Purging Plastics

Remember how I mentioned getting rid of ALL plastic in my kitchen, well spring break offered the perfect opportunity to make this goal a reality. I went through every drawer, cabinet and shelf pitching all plastics into a box. I haven’t quite decided what to do with all my old plastics. Some will be kept as storage containers for small household items but everything else will probably go to Good Will or be recycled. In place of those pesky plastics, I’ve opted to stock my shelves with gently used CorningWare courtesy of my parents (yes, they scream 1980 and I love them!).

I’m not 100% plastic free, but I’m getting there. We live in such a disposable society. Nothing is meant to last and we (myself included) throw things away without a second thought. I want to create a different, more mindful lifestyle for J and I as a family. It’s been an adjustment already, but it’s all about establishing a new “normal.” What steps have you taken to be more eco-conscious?

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