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ruby turns 2

Ok, so let me just say that I am a terrible puppy mama. Ruby turned 2 waaaaaaaay back in June, we celebrated in July, and I’m finally getting around to blogging about my sweet pup in August. That’s not to say that Ruby isn’t a vital part of my life, but somehow time just really got away from me!

dog birthday
Anyways, back to my furry 2 year old…

Ruby will always be Jeff and my 1st daughter. We adopted her in September 2013, and she’s been along for quite the ride ever since! She’s adjusted well to life as a big sister and even gained a new puppy friend (or perhaps frenemy?) with my parent’s new dog Buffy.

dog birthday
She patrols our backyard for invaders and keeps it clear of any pesky squirrels or rabbits.

Our sweet Westie celebrated with some doggone good cake from Three Dog Bakery and enjoyed a few extra rounds of fetch (gotta work off all those birthday treats!). Eleanor even relinquished all rights to the fuzzy white chair for the day ;)

dog birthday
If you’re not convinced that Ruby’s just the best dog ever, click here for some fantastic life advice from our canine herself. Trust me, she’s pretty wise for a 2 year old ;)

Happy birthday to my favorite pup Ruby Jane! Life at the Murnan house wouldn’t be the same without you!

Your turn:

Do you have any pets?
Do you celebrate his/her birthday? We love any reason to break out the cake around here ;)

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