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Makingmine Feature: Sarah Ingle from Sweet Miles

I’m so excited to share today’s Makingmine feature! I first connected with Sarah through Sweat Pink before stalking her Instagram photos of her adorable dog and the gorgeous runs and hikes she takes throughout the week. I love reading Sarah’s blog Sweet Miles because I can relate to her in so many ways. I just know you’re going to love to hear her story!


Q: What’s your passion? What are you “making” with your life?
This is such a loaded question! I always wonder what my “passion” is and I always end up coming up with a list, rather than a specific thing. My first passion of course is being a newlywed and a good wife, and my other passions fall next in line :) Photography is a HUGE passion of mine, as well as running and being active, and blogging.

I guess you could say I just have a passion for being creative, and documenting things along the way. Along with all of that comes the blogging world, and seo, and other techy/nerdy things that have struck a chord with me over the past few months, which eventually led to a career change. I’m now working in a position I LOVE, at a type of place I’ve always wanted to work for, and I finally feel like I’ve found “my” career. I just wish I had known this in college ;)


Q: Tell us your story – how did you get started?
If you’ve followed me at all, you know that for the past 8 months I had been working for an investment banking firm, and hated every second of it. There’s not a single finance bone in my body, not even an inkling of an interest, and I cried through both accounting classes in college. I won’t go into how I got this job, because it was one of those things where I knew someone who knew someone and I just needed something full-time at the time. So, I started out as a receptionist then eventually a sales assistant, where I had plenty of free time at the computer throughout the day. I somehow discovered a few running blogs and became addicted to reading them! I’ve been running for a few years and I finally decided, “hey, I’ve blogged in the past, I could totally write a running/lifestyle blog!” So I investigated a bit more, figured out what I wanted my blog to be about, got my design together, researched organizations to join, and voilia, my blog was live!

I started blogging during my free time at work, and reading up on blogging information, groups to join, and eventually fell into learning some seo basics. Long story short, I really dove in head first, teaching myself everything I could about online marketing, blogging, seo, sem, etc. I really fell in love with it, understood it, enjoyed reading about it, applied it, played around with it, and then decided that maybe THAT was where my passion was. I decided I would make a career change happen, and finally move into a career where I felt matched up with my experience and interests, and one where I finally felt like “me.”

I realized how miserable I had been at work, and how it was affecting other areas of my life. I seriously wasn’t myself for the last 2 or 3 months I worked there- I dreaded going to work everyday, and knew that I was too young to be feeling this way and I deserved to be happy on a day-to-day basis! So, I did a lot of reading up on seo and even some html, just to be sure I could accurately talk to a future employer about what I knew. I read the book, 48 Days To The Work You Love, applied everything I learned from it, and with a little bit of God’s perfect timing, fell into a perfect new job, and left my miserable finance job far, far behind!

I feel like I was paid to teach myself a new career, and I think if I hadn’t been put through that tough time I may never have realized the field I should be working in. It made total sense- I’m super creative, I love working with things online, so why shouldn’t I be using those talents in my full time job? My job title now is Project Manager for a web designer/digital marketing/ad agency, and I’m working with SEO, SEM, content management, and web development. I couldn’t be happier :)


Q: How would you define success?
I think “making it” in life is different for everyone. Success to me is equivalent to happiness. I used to always think success was more equivalent to financial peace and some amazing job, but after experiencing a terrible job and now being in a much happier job where my overall quality of life has gone up, I know that a job is NOT everything, and money does NOT equal happiness. I think the core of “success” lies in being happy with what you have, content with what you have, but still have dream and goals for the future.

Q: What advice would you give others who want to pursue their dream or make a change in their life?
I think my first bit of advice would be to read the book that I did, 48 Days To The Work You Love by Dan Miller. I had heard about it for years because the author is from my hometown, but never was at a point in my life where it made sense to read it. So when I finally hit rock bottom at my old job, and was desperate to figure out what to do, this book really helped me figure out how to put my plan in place and find a job that would make me HAPPY.

My second big of advice would be to just go for it. What have you got to lose? In my case, you’re a young, child-less, millennial just once, and you shouldn’t waste your time being miserable day in and day out at a job that has NOTHING to do with your passions. You spend so much of your week working at your full time job, and to hate every second of it is ridiculous. Figure out what your passions are, what you are good at it, what you’d like to learn, what kind of work environment do you want, what kind of work culture have you always dreamed about, and create a plan and GO FOR IT!

Q: How can we get involved?
If you’d like to follow along with my blog, where I’ll be talking more about my job, blogging, seo, what I’m learning, my newlywed life, and my passion for running and staying fit, I blog over at sweetmiles.com!

You can also connect with Sarah on InstagramFacebook and Twitter!
Thanks again to Sarah for allowing me to pick her brain! I’ve ordered Dan Miller’s 48 Days book, and I’m loving it so far. I’m trying to take it slow and really think about the questions he poses along the way. If you’re looking to jumpstart a change for yourself, you can use Sarah’s link to purchase the book for yourself!

Your turn:

Is there a book that has changed the way you look at the world?
Have a story to tell? Let me know!


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