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3 simple truths from ruby the westie

It only takes a couple of seconds scrolling through my Instagram feed to come to the conclusion that I’m obsessed with my dog. Ruby truly was Jeff and my 1st child, and she’s happily taken on the role of “big sister” to Eleanor. She the sweetest pup with tons of energy and love to go around.

Ruby’s been a part of our family for just over a year, and in this time I’ve managed to learn a lot from our little pup. I thought I would share a few of Ruby’s top lessons on today’s post:

Ruby’s 3 Simple Truths

1. Find your patch of sunshine

Ruby is a pro at finding her patches of sunshine. As the day progresses, Ruby moves around the house according to the amount of sun she can find at any particular location.

Ruby could just choose to be a stick in the mud and and let her environment dictate her “sunniness,”  but if her spot isn’t suiting her, she gets up and does something about it. Too often I let myself be the “victim” of my circumstances. If I don’t like the way things are going, I should channel my inner “Rubyness” to make a change and find my patch of sunshine.

2. Show your love

Ruby’s direct translation would be “lick those you love,” but I thought “show your love” may carry over to the human world a little easier. Ruby wears her emotions on her sleeve paw; she is quick to show her affection for those she loves and never holds back for the sake of proving a point. Life doesn’t always go Ruby’s way, but she doesn’t hold a grudge or punish us for an empty bowl of food or forgotten walk.

The best? Sometimes Ruby is downright jealous of the attention Eleanor garners, but if Eleanor is mid-meltdown, Ruby wants to be in the thick of things offering her love through a good lick of her little sister’s toes. Simple acts of love are important for any relationship, but “show your love” especially resonates with Jeff and I as we struggle to find the balance between being husband and wife and being mom and dad.

3. Jump in for the ride

One of Ruby’s favorite activities is going for a ride in the car. She never knows where she’s going – it could be the park, grandma and grandpa’s house, or even… dun dun dun… the vet! To Ruby, it doesn’t matter. She’s just happy to be included.

I sometimes find myself turning down invitations because I don’t want to put forth the effort of going or I’m not sure I’ll have a good time. I need to be more like Ruby and go along for the ride – chances are, I’ll have fun when I get there.

Your turn:

Can you relate to any of Ruby’s truths?
Have you ever learned something important from a four-legged friend in your life?


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