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Eleanor is just shy of 15 months old, and she’s absolutely bursting developmentally. Every age and stage becomes my new favorite, but hands down, this is the BEST time I’ve had as a mama. I feel like every day when Jeff gets home from work, I tell him “what’s new” with Eleanor! Sometimes it’s a new word, new imaginative play, or even something like self-feeding with a spoon.

We had a relatively quiet weekend together since both Jeff and I seem to be battling a bug of some sort, so I’ll just give you a quick recap of “what’s new” with Eleanor :)

something new
Friday we hosted play group with some mamas and babies from our old breastfeeding support group. I love that we have stayed in touch and make it a point to get our kiddos together every couple of weeks. Since Eleanor doesn’t go to daycare, I love any opportunity for social interaction for her (and let’s be honest, I love the adult conversation!). Also, hosting play group means I actually have to clean my house. It’s a win-win!

Saturday was a PERFECT zoo day! I’m talking a top 10 weather day! We took in the aquarium (a must), checked out the giraffes, and watched the birds in the aviary.

something new
Eleanor enjoyed her first zoo trip as a walker. She started toddling last Saturday, and since then she’s gained steam is a full-fledged walker! So far life hasn’t changed much. She still gets into the same mischief, but I know things will get a bit more hectic when she realizes she can run away from mom ;)

something new
Well, one change at the zoo…. our new walker was pretty sure she could take on the GIANT play equipment with the big kids, haha!

something new
We appeased her and did a few trips down the slide before continuing on with our animal sightseeing.

something new
On Sunday evening, Jeff grilled brats and veggie kabobs (yum) while Eleanor explored the yard. Grass is GREAT motivation for walking because she doesn’t like the feel of it crawling.

Eleanor mastered a fun new skill at dinner – dipping! As she’s getting older, she wants more flavor and variety in her meals, so I’ve started adding more seasonings and sauces to her food. Most of the time, she eats exactly what we eat unless it’s especially spicy (her dad likes his tear jerkingly HOT).

something new
She had the BEST time dipping her chicken into ketchup. I remember my niece going through a phase where EVERYTHING needed to be dipped, haha! I think Eleanor would be on board with that :)

something new

Big or little, it’s so fun watching Eleanor learn new things and gain new skills. I can tell she feels so accomplished when she successfully communicates with us or maneuvers a toy right where she wanted it to be.

Before I go, I have 2 giveaway winners to announce! Please email me at joanna@makingmine.com to claim your prizes!

Dark Hope Giveaway Winner: Mardra
Junkapalooza: Jessica Joy

Thanks to all who entered! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Your turn:
What’s “new” with you? :)


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